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India’s Air Transport Industry; A Global Perspective

The Indian air transport sector has shown very strong growth in recent years – particularly on the
domestic market segment.
In October 2018, the domestic India market recorded its 50th consecutive months of double-digit year-on-year growth; an outstanding performance and one which is showing no signs of ending anytime soon.
The air transport market in India employs more than 400,000 people and supports another 940,000
more in the supply chain. Overall the industry contributes some US$35 billion annually to India’s GDP.
The fundamental drivers of air passenger demand – including population and demographics and
increasing incomes – are favorable and supportive of ongoing growth over the longer-term.
Over the next 20 years IATA forecasts growth of 6.6% per year on average – the number of annual air passenger journeys is forecast to increase by more than 414 million over the period, moving to
over570 million journeys in 2037.
The industry must continue to work constructively with its key stakeholders – including the government and policy-makers – to ensure that this sizeable increase in demand can be met and to realise the full benefits that the air transport industry can deliver to India.


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