SAP (Systems, Applications & Products)

 SAP – Systems, Applications & Products is a world leader in data processing and IT solutions provider in the world. SAP India provides different add-on programs to the Universities and is working rigorously to increase employability among graduates and post graduates. Being world’s largest ERP software provider, a certified course from SAP increases the scope of employability for a student. SAP is used widely by various types of Industries, such as; Aerospace, Automotive, Banking, Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Sports & Entertainment, Travel & Transportation, Insurance, Retail, etc.

The cloud based e-learning student edition programme keeps the students updated with the current and ongoing methodologies with respect to the following lines in each business /industry, such as

  • Asset Management
  • Commerce
  • Finance
  • HR
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • R&D
  • Sales & Service
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Procurement

The students are recommended to sign-in for this programme along with the undergraduate or postgraduate course. It is designed to make students immediately employable and develop the skills/knowledge of the students apart from their regular academic syllabus, tailor-made to your choice for a successful future.