B.Tech Aerospace Engineering

Admissions for BTech Aerospace Engg has been stopped by the University for the Academic year 2018-2019.

If your passion, ambition and choice of career are leading towards Flight Training (to become a pilot) or Engineering aspects specific to Aircraft, then, please visit the Academy or speak to one of our admission department counsellors to know more details about the courses available that would assist you in achieving that dream without doing a 4 year BTech Aerospace Engg. 

If you wish to become a Pilot, you are required to understand and possess good knowledge about the Engineering and Technical aspects of an Aircraft, therefore the course we recommend is BSc Aircraft Maintenance with Practical Maintenance Training and Experience on live operational aircraft from a DGCA & EASA Approved Part 145 AMRO. 

If you wish to work on specifically on Aircraft and it's components (aircraft fitted with Turbine engine or Piston Engine, categorised as Heavy Aircraft or Light Aircraft) in an Aircraft manufacturing company or in the Airlines or in any Aircraft Engineering companies or similar companies directly related to operations of an aircraft then the course we recommend are the Licensed Aircraft Engg courses. 

For any further queries please contact the admissions department - PM Paul (8971404357) or Benil Benjamin (9740037853).