BSc Aeronautical Science

BSc Aeronautical Science is 3 years (6 semesters) is about reason, logic, observation, analysis, resourcefulness, creativity, imagination, experimentation and synthesis. The undergraduate BSc course is a concept based on a minimum analytical approach for those who are not so professionally inclined to study in detailed mathematical approach. This undergraduate degree covers the traditional Aeronautical disciplines as well as applied and interdisciplinary fields of Aeronautical study.

Aeronautical Science deals with highly skilled and specialised fields involving the understanding of terminologies, theories and critical procedures in the various functioning of an Airport, Aircraft or Airline. It is not possible to employ personnel who are not familiar with such areas. This programme equips the personnel to take up responsibilities such as maintenance control centre and administration, flight dispatching, quality assurance, planning and logistics, aircraft painting, engineering support, airside safety, air traffic control, component management, procurement of spares and costing, ground handling operations, ramp services, etc The Bachelor of Science provides a multitude of study options, graduate pathways and career outcomes.

The Civil Aviation industry provides enormous employment opportunities in India and abroad. Those who wish to have a secure future in the technical aspects of Aircrafts, Airlines and Airports.

The rapid modernization of aircrafts and airports has also translated into the creation of additional opportunities.

  • Logistics
  • Aircraft & Airport Operations 
  • Planning of Aircraft Servicing
  • Ground Equipment Engineering & Management
  • Airport services Management such as Transportation, Hospitality, Baggage handling and Logistics (air cargo), Fuel Supply Management & Quality Control, Estate Management and Air Field Security.
  • Corporate Fleet Management; Purchase, Lease and Charters
  • Air Traffic Control
  • Flight Dispatcher
  • Flight Training
  • In-flight crew
  • LoadMaster
  • Scheduling
  • Flight Training

With the number of passenger aircraft expected to triple in the next five years and with the installation of improved infrastructure at all the major airports, graduates with the academic training in technical or non-technical areas of Aviation are expected to be in good demand in the near future in India and abroad.

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